What is True Biblical Faith?: An Excerpt Curled From Benny Hinm’s teaching.

Jesus Promised, He never Lied

I am the vine and you are the branch, the branch can do nothing on its own without the vine.

Whatever you do, just be connected to the vine.

The oath of God of removes my shame, removes my guilt. The oath of God gives me the power to love him.

The oath of God gives me the power to walk away from Satan.

The oath of God gives me the power, gives me the knowledge, his faithfulness.

What is biblical faith?

It is not energy that resides in you and I
It is not power we build up with focus, moving or forcing the hands of God.

Bible Faith is not work, it is not struggle it is not arriving at the state of mind. It is not mental, it is not focus.

It has nothing to do with thoughts because all that is flesh.

Faith, it is not the word of a promising scripture repeated once and over and over continuously believing it is going to bring desired blessing into existence, because if that is what faith is, reduces the Holy spirit and the Bible to the level of Magic.

The faith of the Christian has nothing to do with formulas. Nothing to do with spells.

It is rooted in relationship, it’s not what you know, it s who said it. It’s who you know.

Faith then, it’s not what he said, who said it. People take the Bible and don’t know who said it.

They know what it says, they don’t know the one who said it.

How can you believe it if you don’t know the integrity of the one who said it?

It’s not about knowing the Bible, it is knowing the one who said it.

Benny Hinm Quotes and he said, “My Faith is not in what is written, it is in the one who wrote it and who spoke it.”

If someone reads the Bible and don’t know Jesus, it means nothing. Because they don’t know him.

Jesus has never broken his words, it is his integrity, it’s his heart, it’s him.

If I know him, I don’t have to force him, I will relax and know I know him.

I don’t have to force Him, I don’t have to repeat his promises focusing on me and my mental intensity to bring it to pass.

Because all my brain produces is equal to Witch craft and it’s all flesh.

If he said it, why must I repeat it over and over over and over again?

I wonder what my mum will do if I did that to her, she say ” don’t you believe it?

Jesus is not a liar and can not lie, he told us the truth.

He gave us his oath, he can’t lie.

Stop convincing yourself, stop turning his promises into Witch craft by intense focus on it and know who said it.

I know who said it, it brings rest to my Soul. If he said it, he will do and he will do it without my help.

All I need to do is one thing, be connected to the vine.

Don’t disconnect your life from Jesus, when you are connected to him, that’s all you need.

Just stay connected to the son of God, he said I will do it all, all you do is just connect, abide.

How do I Abide?

What does it mean to abide?

Surrender to him, that’s how to abide.

The Christian life never says struggle, NO

Never once did Jesus say TRY again, TRY harder.

The Christian life said this, YIELD

To yield means to SURRENDER just like you sit in your office chair every working day without checking if the bolts are firmly tight or legs broken.

You surrender to the chair without checking or having any doubt because you know it is in a perfect condition.

Let go, quit doing it on your own, let him carry you let him live through you.

What Jesus said is, relax, rest in the Lord just rest, don’t fret yourself.

The Christian life is dependent on a promise, it is dependent on its vow.

It is dependent on what Jesus did.

I know him, he will never lie to me, if he tells me, I will never leave you I know he won’t..

I don’t have to convince myself.

Do you know know him?

I’ve known God through out my life that he doesn’t lie. When he gives a promise, he sticks to it.

It is not what he said, it is who said it because all council people can say things to you. But when you know them, it changes everything.

So know Jesus, and you will be fine and saved, let him live through you.

Pray This Prayer

Lift your hands and surrender it all to Jesus, ask him to let you know him.

Without you oh Jesus, our lives would have been destroyed but you lived in our live and loved us even when you know not you.

From this day onwards, take control of my life, live through me, I yield into your.

I am confident, therefore, I will not ask for faith through focus on my mental intensity for they are of flesh.

Thank you for sticking to your promises.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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